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about cam

I am so happy you're here!

At a glance: Hi! I'm Camryn and I am a recent new-grad from Clemson University. I am proud to say that as of May 2023, I now have my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications. 

I'm a talker...


I am thankful to call South Carolina home. I love my hometown of Greenville and have loved growing up so close to Clemson. In May of 2023, I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications. 


I loved my time as a Clemson Tiger! There is definitely something in those hills. I spent the past four years digesting as much knowledge as I could. I am grateful to have been a part of such an academically diverse program where I had the opportunity to explore graphic design, print, marketing, web development, photography, videography, and so much more. As I am neared the end of my final year, I found myself clinging to those final undergraduate experiences that allowed me to find my interests in branding, social media strategy, and content creation. 

After graduating, I started my full-time position as soon as I could. I started as a Production Coordinator as TravPRO Mobile, working from home. Since then, I have moved into a newer role with my promotion to Digital Producer.

Journey to GC

I applied and was accepted into Clemson University with an intended major of Nursing. And then I changed it to Computer Science. And then I changed it to Graphic Communications. I am so happy I did! Not only did I learn so much in this program, but I also had the opportunity to learn through my internships in digital media, customer service, manufacturing management, and project management. I found a passion for creating and I have grown immensely as a person. My time in this Clemson program challenged me to approach every opportunity with an open mind. As I start my career post-grad, my mission stays true -- to remain excited to discover new opportunities and my next path.  

What is Graphic Communications?

I often get asked "What in the world does that mean?" and to be honest if can be sort of a tricky question to answer. So I thought I would pop this in for anyone who might like to have a quick overview of what my time at Clemson looked like.

If you were to look at Clemson's website you would find this definition: 

    "The Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications prepares students for professional careers in printing, publishing, packaging graphics, digital media, content creation, and the greater communication industry. Our curriculum takes a holistic approach moving students from creative concept to actualization. With courses considering all major printing and visual communication processes, GC provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow in both an educational as well as a professional setting. This includes two internships that provide exceptional real-world experience and career preparation.

    Furthermore, the required specialty areas of study allow the student to develop in-depth knowledge and skills in specific areas of graphic communications. Coursework is heavily oriented around laboratory performance, which stresses the development of problem-solving skills in a broad cross-section of graphic mediums. With a keen understanding of the industry and a network of passionate alumni, the program has a unique grasp on the professional world. This broad and balanced education leads to in-demand careers across a wide variety of fields.

    Our mission is to develop effective and engaged problem-solving people grounded in the printing, packaging and visual communications fields in order to advance and strengthen businesses globally. We strive to be the preeminent graphic communications program known for innovative educational experiences driven by strategic partnerships and applied research."

But I think there is so much more you personally get out of this program than what can be said holistically on Clemson's website. As a Graphic Communications student, I was able to tailor my classes to explore my interests outside of the core curriculum. From there, I had the opportunity to gain first-hand industry experience through my three internships. It was a little daunting entering the program knowing you have two internship requirements to graduate, but I am so thankful for the experiences I had and the people I met during those internships. I feel as though it truly set me up for success when my time at Clemson came to a close.

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